Pack 230

It is never too late to Join Cub Scouts!

What ever your sons age or grade level the first step in Cub Scouting is earning the Bobcat Badge. Among other requirements, the Bobcat must learn the the Cub Scout Handshake, the the Cub Scout Salute, and how to give the the Cub Scout Sign. These are the basic elements of Cub Scouting... They seem simple on the surface but the meanings are deep and rich and there is so much fun to be had while exploring and experiencing the core principals and character development of Scouting.

Cub Scouts is a fantastic, fun, indoor and outdoor activity
for your son and entire family!

As a Cub Scout your boy will grow physically, culturally, socially and spiritually. He will become aware of who he is and how his actions impact the family and community that surrounds him. If you can not make the recruitment night keep in mind that you can join Cub Scouting at any time.

Den and Pack Meetings

Each den level meets at scheduled times two to three times a month for and hour to an hour and a half. Most meetings are held on the Nativity of Our Lord Campus at in the early evening between 6:30 and 8:30pm.

The entire Pack meets every second Thursday for a Pack wide meeting and program. Pack meetings are usually held at the Nativity of Our Lord Campus from 6:30pm to 8pm in the Monsignor Beasley Center.

The Outdoors and Our Community

Pack 230 is active in community events such as Memorial Day and Scout Sunday. Dens often have field trips into the community, the outdoors, and day and overnight trips. Each fall and winger the entire pack attends a one day camp outing and in the summer a four day three night summer camp.

Leadership and Volunteering

Akelas, adult members of the Pack, help our trained Leaders at Den and Pack meetings and help our Pack Committee organize events, raise funds and plan camping. Scouting is a family and community based, volunteer activity where the whole Pack benefits from each individuals effort.

Year Long Programming and a Great value

Pack 230 runs a 12 month program with year long themes, seasonal themes, monthly themes and cub focused themes. The yearly dues for our Pack are less than the seasonal fees for most civic activities and Scouting provides a fundraising opportunity that enables most Cubs to greatly reduce the cost of Scouting or to cover the cost completely.