Weekly and Monthly Meetings

Our Pack holds Pack meetings on the second Thursday of every month and Den meetings two to three times a month, also on Thursday night. Our Pack meets at the  Nativity School Msgnr Beasly Center, also known as the Nativity gym. 

What is the difference between a Den Meeting and a Pack Meeting?

Den meetings are time spent with in your Den at the Nativity School Pack 230 meeting location or on a field trip. Den meetings are generally 1 hour long. You will attend 1 Den Meeting and 1 field trip per month.

Pack Meetings are time spent with the entire Pack... all the Dens from each Den level, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos. Pack meetings are typically 2 hours long and are held at the Nativity School Pack 230 meeting location. The whole family is invited to Pack meetings. Pack meetings have family activities, presentations, and recognition of Cub achievement and advancement. 

What are Pack Planning Meetings?

Pack Leadership, Akelas, and guests meet once each fall and once each spring, in the Monsignor Beasley Center on the Nativity of Our Lord Campus, to discuss Pack business, review planning efforts and consider new ideas. Please check our Pack calendar for listings of these meetings

Who is invited to a Pack Planning Meeting?

All Akelas (adult members of our Pack), our charter organization Nativity of Our Lord RC Church and adult member of the general public are welcome to attend our pack planning meetings and become active in one or more of our planning efforts. Planning meetings are held throughout the year and are listed on our Pack Calendar.

Why get involved in Cub Scouting?

Cubs Scouts is a volunteer organization. Even the smallest of contributions can have a great impact and is most welcome. Without the responsible committment of time, talent and resource from caring citizens, of the Nativity of Our Lord Parish and the Orchard Park Community, Pack 230 would not be a viable organization.If you would like to contribute please: check our pack calendar for meeting times; browse our Pack Volunteering section for ways you can help; or contact one of our leaders or Akelas for more information or to get involved.